The Keys Of The Kingdom and the symbols of power of the Trustees, and given them dominance over their demenses. The Keys will bond with their rightful owner, and will make any user into a Superior Denizen after exposure to their power.

The First KeyEdit

The First Key can be split into two halves, taking the form of a minute and hour hands key of a clock. The Hour Key is stronger that the minute, but the minute can be used more. When together they join to become a sword, having a sliver and gold blade. The Key gives domain over the Lesser House and Monday.

The Second KeyEdit

The Second Key takes the form of a pair of silver gauntlets (Gloves for Dame Primus), laced with gold. They are extra good at shaping nothing, and give domain over the Far Reaches and Tuesday.

The Third KeyEdit

The Third Key takes the form of a trident, the trident can increase and decrease insize. Drowned Wednesday has once used it as a fork. Wednesday use of key only managed to stop her from destroy her whole demense from her affliction. When Wednesday proposed betraying the other Morrow Days, they betrayed her and revoked much of her power, limiting her to only stopping herself from growing any larger than a 126-mile Whale. The Key has much power over water. It gives domain over the Border Sea and Wednesday

The Fourth KeyEdit

The Fourth Key takes the form of a marshals baton, white and glowing green, wrapped in golden laurel leaves. When the wielder is in need, It takes on another form, a broadsword for Sir Thursday and a thin rapier for Arthur. It gives domain over the Great Maze and Thursday

The Fifth KeyEdit

The Fifth Key takes the form of a small silver mirror. It has many abilites, Including allow the user to instantly transport to any reflective surface in the world, drain experiences from mortals and stop time for a limited period. It gives domain over the Middle House and Friday.

The Sixth KeyEdit

The Sixth Key takes the form of a golden quill. It's only use, Par the normal powers of a Key, is to be able to write extremely powerful spells capable of destroying many defenders of the Incomparable Gardens. Superior Saturday has been seen combining it's power with normal sorcery. It gives domain over the upper house and Saturday

The Seventh KeyEdit

The Seventh Key takes the form of a small, golden key. The Seventh Key is paramount over other keys, and is capable of completely immobilising the use of the Fifth and Sixth Key, And resulting in a stale-mate against all Six Keys. It retains it full power anywhere in the house or the secondry realms. It gives domain over the Incomparable Gardens and Sunday.